09 January 2010

Pole Down!

I'm almost embarrassed to admit that it came out of the ground in just a few seconds. I'm not big nor do I want to put too much strain on this new knee so I refused to even think about lifting it. The two guys who are here doing the work that the Psycho Painter f*!@ed up literally picked it right up out of the ground and dropped it. No problem. I suppose that means Soul Brother #1 and I could have done that. I really didn't want to chance it though. Now all we have to do is have someone haul it away.

Surf's up! I'm sure everyone knows that. I've been out in it for the last two days. I probably won't paddle out tomorrow. I can't deal with the crowds. I'll admit to channeling a bit of my inner wave hog today. I didn't go for everything . . . just everything big. I snagged at least two of the meatier set waves. I suppose I could have allowed others to take them. But when it's crowded, surf etiquette goes right out the window. I spent too many years being the nice one in the lineup. Now, I take mine. If the wave is clearly yours or if we're both on the wave, I'll beat a hasty retreat. But, I'm sorry, if I'm reading the waves, seeing where the big ones will break and sitting in the correct spot while others sit further inside because they've incorrectly assumed that's where the waves will break, I'm not going to let the wave pass me by. If the wave breaks here, you need to sit here. If I know to sit there to wait for the better waves, do you really think I'm going to advise you where to sit or give you the wave when I know you'll miss it (because you've not watched the horizon and paddled out to meet the approaching bomb)? No, I'm going to hope that you paddle over to fight it out with this bunch . . .

so I can keep on finding waves I don't have to share with 10 of my new best friends!


At 1/10/10, 5:44 PM, Blogger gracefullee said...

Call the city -- 311 -- and see if they'll haul it away as a "bulk item" on trash day. Maybe they won't, but it's worth a try. All you'll have to do is get it to the curb.

I saw a couple of your bombs from my boring vantage at the point. Go!

At 1/10/10, 6:22 PM, Blogger Surfsister said...

It's gone. One of the metal scavengers gladly hauled it away today.

I still need to move the aloe vera plants, one of which can be seen on the left side of the top picture, to a new location. Other than that, the yard is ready. I dug up the decorative bricks that lined the flower beds on the end of the yard. I've talked to the builder. All systems are go! Mini-halfpipe by February!

At 1/11/10, 2:17 PM, Blogger Travel / Surf Guy said...

Hey Sis, good job on the removal of the pole - roll on ramp!!!
Crazy pic re the crowd, so pleased I don't have to deal with that crap and also, nice wave!!!


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