24 December 2009

All I Want for Christmas?

Some swell would be nice (even though I have a young child and certainly cannot paddle out on Christmas day). I've looked at the forecasts for the next few days. It appears that Santa's got a lot of love for California! In fact, judging by the graphs showing for Monday, he loves us too much. Some of this swell won't be rideable. I'm still sending a hearty "thank you" to St. Nick in advance. There will be something for all of us. That's a certainty . . . if the forecasts are correct.

Have a great holiday! If you paddle out tomorrow, remember how lucky you are to be a surfer. That alone is the gift that keeps on giving.


At 12/25/09, 1:31 PM, Anonymous Glenn said...

Love this post. I paddled today and was very grateful! :-)


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