12 December 2009

(Yet Another) Rainy Saturday Dance Party!

I managed to get in a session on Thursday after waiting for the water to clean up and before the rain began again in earnest. Now they've predicted rain for a few more days. I'll once again be waiting 72 hours (after the last rain) before I paddle out again. California needs rain. I do not.


At 12/12/09, 9:25 PM, Anonymous Val said...

I sure agree with you about the rain and water quality! I wish I could've gone out Thursday but I had to work. Everybody gets so excited about El Nino winters, but this is the definite downside. I just hope this one isn't like '97-'98, when I'd wait the 72 hours after a rain for the water to clean up, and just like clockwork it'd start raining again on the third dry day!


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