13 December 2009

Buy Yourself a Quiver Addition for Christmas

I know you think I mean you should get yourself another board. Wrong (even though my newest hull is awaiting glassing). I mean you're fooling yourself if you haven't already added a surf mat to your quiver of surf craft.

My latest Hawaii-related fantasy is to spend my water time there exclusively on a mat. I'm picky about the surfboards I ride. I don't like most boards and have gotten to the point where I do best when I've had my local shaper—the man or woman it would behoove all of us to support—make the boards for me since he (or she) knows what I want the boards to do. So the idea of going to Hawaii and grabbing a banged up rental actually has little appeal for me. But the idea of going to Hawaii with my trusty 4GF mat and Techno fins in my bag excites me. I would have as much fun on my mat as I would on a board. George Greenough rides a mat exclusively for a reason. He wants to be close to the wave. There's something to that. I can't explain it, but I understand it.

Don't knock it if you haven't tried it. Besides, all the bad ass water people ride mats! You can get your mat here.


At 12/14/09, 9:50 AM, Blogger Okemah said...

Yes Sis...they travel nicely. I've flown mat/fins to mainland Mex/Hawaii/Costa Rica/Florida. Everything goes neatly into the overhead compartment!


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