03 January 2010

Back to the Basic Basics

There was a time when a pad of paper, a dictionary, some bottles of ink and my fountain pens were all I needed when I sat down to write. This was before the ubiquity of laptops and personal computers. Over the years, I put all of those things (i.e., prehistoric writing instruments and accoutrements) away. I didn't need them. Everything I wanted was literally at my fingertips as I stared at an illuminated screen. It's taken me years to recognize that computers, while being a wonderful godsend for someone who types much faster than she can write, are of the Devil in many ways. I am easily distracted when I sit down in this chair. The internet calls to me.

I wonder if so and so updated his blog.

Is the tide high or low right now?

Oh yeah!! I forgot I wanted to buy that CD. Maybe it's on Amazon.

I can sit in front of the computer amusing myself all day long. As interesting as my journeys around the internet are, they also tend to be counterproductive. I usually get much less done than I wanted.

So, with the new year comes new intentions. I do not make resolutions. I'm of the Nike school of thought. "Just Do It." When a new intention comes to me near the end of a year, I'll usually table it until the new year begins. Such is the case with me and my writing. I will continue to blog, edit and entertain myself with the computer. My serious writing, however, will involve putting pen to paper. When you're sitting there looking at a blank sheet of paper, you're forced to do what you sat down to do. There are no convenient distractions.

I may post some of the writing, if I actually get something of substance written, on the blog. We shall see. I'm toying with the idea of writing some surf-related fiction. Just because.


At 1/3/10, 9:07 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

you better get busy with it....I'm watching.....and waiting...Ozzie

At 1/4/10, 5:46 PM, Blogger Christian said...

I've kept a print journal for 16 years now. I have a big ol' stack of them. I think it's great that you are kicking it old school. Your descendants will dig the thoughts you put down on paper.

At 1/5/10, 7:46 PM, Anonymous Val said...

Boy, isn't that the truth about endless distractions on the Internet! Sometimes it keeps me up so late it screws up my dawn patrol options! i'm gonna try not to have the computer on past 9 pm!


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