13 January 2010

My Friend Mike Shot These

I don't do "Big Wednesday" surfs. Too many people. Too much hysteria.

My friend Mike shot these today at breaks a little further to the south of me and my normal spots. When I watched the cam today, my usual point looked . . . like it always does. I didn't see anything worthy of all of the hype.

But then I started hearing of waves in other spots. Eventually, the pictures appeared in my inbox. All I can say is . . . (gulp) damn!!!


At 1/14/10, 7:53 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

get some waves...but get back to work on that ramp! hehehe... Ozzie

At 1/14/10, 12:14 PM, Blogger pabs said...

Looks like an El Porto big close-out kind of day

At 1/14/10, 3:20 PM, Blogger Travel / Surf Guy said...

Nice, really nice!!!!!

At 1/14/10, 5:09 PM, Blogger gracefullee said...

Ugh. That second photo brings back bad memories. I know how that dude feels.

Did you see the Surfline photos of "Massive Monday?" There's one series of shots that show a bunch of surfers getting caught inside at Waimea and scratching to get over. I think only two made it. I see at least 3 broken boards in the photos.


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