12 January 2010

"I'm in Love!"

This is what I heard one man say to the woman, I kid you not, who'd approached the group holding a bat. Apparently she had no gripe with them. She was looking for one guy in particular, one who'd been paid to do work on her abode and had not delivered satisfactorily.

We saw the car pull up. We saw the woman get out. We saw the bat emerge. The men all listened as she let them know her gripe was not with them. She was delivering a message. She directed them to tell the guy in question she was looking for him . . . and that she had a bat. That's when one man was heard to exclaim, "I'm in love!!!"

When another man asked who she was so that they could deliver her message, she told him all this guy need do is describe her to the one being sought. She had a distinctive look, one that people wouldn't easily forget.

And with that, she left.

Who said nothing interesting ever happens at 7-11?


At 1/12/10, 11:25 AM, Blogger pranaglider said...

somethings just don't work with e-mail


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