18 January 2010

Support Your Local Skate Shop Too!

While we do have skateboards in the house, we didn't have a skateboard that was right for skating the ramp that will soon grace our backyard. So, today seemed like as good a day as any to getting the necessary gear for the ramp. Yeah, I bought a board (SMA stick with Indys and OJs). I also bought some decent pads. Shit, I'm old. I no longer bounce when I hit the ground or other hard surfaces.

The skate shop where I bought the board has been around since . . . well, I don't remember when it wasn't there. You can buy a skateboard almost anywhere, but why would you if there's a local shop with local knowledge and local people trying to make their living helping skaters? I've always felt the same way about local surf shops. So, when it comes down to buying a board (surf or skate) at Costco for less or giving my money to the little guy or gal who truly has a passion for the goods sold or the sport pursued, I'm never hesitant to look at the big picture.


At 1/19/10, 10:08 AM, Blogger SB mike said...

Hi Surf sister,
Nice looking board!
I ran over Eric's and I need to get a new blank. Our cool shop closed here in SB. WHere's this place? All I need is a blank and maybe some stickers? Your son and you will have fun in your own skate zone!

At 1/19/10, 10:28 AM, Blogger Surfsister said...

Hi, Mike!! Rip City Skates in Santa Monica. (Or is it West L.A.?) It's a tiny shop that's been there forever. They got everything, including stickers.

At 1/19/10, 2:06 PM, Anonymous Glenn said...

Sweet board. Support your local shop (and shaper, too)!

At 1/19/10, 11:04 PM, Blogger Nooner said...

Shred Sister!

my fave shop: http://socalskateshop.com/
behind the Orange Curtain by the Etnies Skatepark

At 1/19/10, 11:08 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

SMA- OG stuff...I believe that icon Skip Englblom is the man responsible for SMA & Zephyr &.....Ozzie

At 1/21/10, 7:16 PM, Blogger Scott said...

Nice board. Good luck flying SMA. Oh yeah, anon, don't forget Natas.


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