20 January 2010

OCD Dance Party

I've watched this video at least 10 times today as I sat here willing the sun to put paid to these torrential rainstorms. I know California needs the water. Our dead lawn is a testament to that fact. Still, enough already. This song, and the accompanying video, makes me feel like I do when I've had a good day of surfing. Hell, I feel like this just about every day . . . unless it's raining. The rain has disrupted every part of my life. "Sleepless in Seattle"? That would be me. No, I don't live in Seattle, but the rain certainly makes me feel like I do. For reasons I don't understand, the rain gutter downspout that is closest to the bedroom window now seems to have a speaker attached to it. So when the water pours in, it sounds like someone is throwing marbles down the downspout . . . the metal downspout. Who can sleep through that racket? I'm surprised the neighbor hasn't called the police to make a nuisance complaint. (I'm sure she'll be making that complaint once the ramp goes in. If you think I'm easily mesmerized by waxing a surfboard, wait until you get a load of me doing fakies for hours on end.)

Apparently I am now somewhat employed. Two people approached me about work. Not well-paid work, mind you. And that's just fine. Neither job involves a cubicle. Nor does either of the jobs involve a 40 hour week. I can work with that. Neither will pay me enough to pay the bills. That's no longer important. Like so many of the unemployed, I spend a lot of time hanging around the house doing little or nothing. Actually, I do things when I'm home. I just don't do enough of said things. The rain certainly hasn't helped in that respect.

If the sun won't come out on its own, I can sit here watching Peter Gabriel riding a bike around the stage while singing his heart out. Every time I watch this video, I feel like the sun is out. Thank you, Mr. Sledgehammer/Shock the Monkey/Biko Man.


At 1/21/10, 8:34 PM, Blogger El Hefe said...

congrats on the new gigs. cubicles suck.

At 1/22/10, 7:39 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Biko" Greatness! That song & the man 'Biko'.....Greatness!-Ozzie


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