05 August 2005

Speaking of Wax . . .

I really do have a wax problem. I traded boards with two people today. The first board I tried was a 9'6" Con CC Rider. It was fine. And that's all there is to say about it. It was nothing like my Tyler (which is the same size). I don't care what people say about the price of Tyler's board, they're worth it. I liked the Con. I'm in love with my Tyler. I later traded with a friend on a new 9'2" something or other. He'd been wanting to try the Slick for months. Today was the day. His board was okay. I wasn't thrilled. The rails were too thick. The thing just seemed kind of unwieldly. However, my point is his wax job was simply unacceptable. (Stop laughing!) I need little beads on the deck of my board. Even when the wax isn't sticky enough, the beads provide that extra bit of grip. I want my wax jobs to be the equivalent of grip tape on a skateboard. My friend's board had a tiny little bit of wax on it. It was enough for him, but not for me. This guy is a great surfer. So don't get me wrong. He, unlike me, finds his spot on the board and stays there. I think he had copious amounts in two spots and that was it. When I went to walk his board, I immediately fell off because there wasn't enough wax at the nose. My god, man! Put more wax on your board! Of course, I said nothing about the wax. It's his board. I once loaned him my Tyler for a few days a few months back. He said the wax job was so perfect that it took the skin off of one of his toes (which he drags as he pops up). To each her own, I guess.


At 8/5/05, 4:49 PM, Blogger gracefullee said...

Sorry you didn't like the Con. Of the "not my boards" out at home break, I LURVE that Con the most. Sorry, Sis. I love your Tyler, too, but there's something about that 9'6" Con that works for how I surf. If I didn't happen to find my Cooperfish Hornet, I was looking at getting a Con.

Actually, I'm sorta in love with Con's Ugly model. Wish I could try one to see... Man, I'm such a junkie. I just want to try everything.


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