05 August 2005

I'm Hit!!

Spent the last two days surfing at the home break. The waves weren't noteworthy, but there were waves. That's good enough. Yesterday's session and today's session both kind of run together in my memory since the conditions were virtually the same. The only difference is that I was on the 9'6" log yesterday and on the 9'0" single fin today. Oh yeah, I also got stung by a jellyfish today. No big deal. People kept saying there was a big one floating around somewhere. The one I saw was rather small, but by the time I noticed it was at my left leg, it had already stung me on my right leg. Of course, there was no sign of the sting on my leg. My normal shade of brown (skin) might allow a jellyfish sting to show. But this thing got me on a part of my leg that's about four shades darker. (Yes, black folks really do tan.) So I can't even look for sympathy since I can't prove I was stung! Woe is me. Anyway, the sessions were good. I managed to do a couple of successful cheater fives on the Slick today. I'd been waiting for that. Sensei Greg, who is not a little guy, rode that board once and immediately perched himself on the nose. He then came back and told me, "If I can get my fat ass to the nose of that board, you have no excuse not to get there." Well, I've been there. Mission accomplished.

Hair update: I have two bona fide locks!! What? You're not excited? I am. My hair is beginning to lock, but only two of the locks are actual locks. The rest of the almost locks are still working on it. She's twisted my hair again. This time, she's allowing the twists to hang (okay, stick out) freely. This picture was taken while they were still tame.

After my surf session—yes, I'm still wearing the stocking cap and bandana—the locks/twists decided to do their own thing.

Just call me Medusa! My mother, who detests dreadlocks, will be thoroughly horrified when she sees me and this wild hair. She was fine when I first got the twists done because my hair looked almost like a work of art. Well, it doesn't look like that anymore. Maybe I'll wear a hat for a few days


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