01 August 2005

You Can Never Have Enough Wax!

This isn't even all of the wax we have in the house! I still have bars of Sticky Bumps that I don't like and won't use. Then there's the Mrs. Palmer's that someone gave me. Then there's also the two bars of warm Famous Wax that I can't use since the water never reaches 70 degrees. I rewaxed the Tyler a couple of days ago. I brought up nice little beads using the hardest wax Sex Wax makes (i.e., the blue one). I'll use a softer wax as a top coat. Why do I love surf wax so much? What is it about waxing a board that makes me so damn happy? I don't get it.


At 8/1/05, 2:01 PM, Blogger gracefullee said...

Too funny! Try the Famous wax now. The combo of warm(er) water and sun two weeks ago caused the "cool" wax to flake off my board. Very annoying.

At 8/1/05, 10:11 PM, Anonymous bz880 said...

It's the smell that I love. But I hate sticky bumps. They smell good, but just don't work well.

At 8/2/05, 7:55 AM, Blogger RuggerJay said...

See, I'm not a fan of the Sex Wax, and won't use anything other than Sticky Bumps. I waxed my board once this spring (1 bar of the Basecoat and 1 bar of the Cool) and other than the occasional touch-up, no problems.


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