18 July 2005

I Don't Get It

Alrighty, then!! The long, long road toward dreadlocks began on Saturday. I've yet to get in the water, although I did hit my home break and Sunset today. My break was still a bit closed out. Sunset, of course, was flat. So I skated. Tomorrow is another day. Our break should be cooperating by that time so I'll give it a go tomorrow.

Here's what I don't get: steroid use in pro surfing. I don't see how steroids provide much of a benefit for pro surfers. In fact, I didn't even know that the pros were subject to drug tests for performance-enhancing drugs. Can anyone tell me how steroids can help a pro surfer excel?

Neco, say it ain't so! Why are you on the juice? It didn't help much, did it?

One of the reasons why I left cycling was that the use of performance-enhancing drugs was common. So if you're clean, you're screwed. There's no way to match the power, speed, and recovery of a man or woman who's doing the juice. I gave a passing thought to using steroids. I think most racers do. Thankfully, I'm wary of illegal drugs; I always figure I'm the one who'll get addicted or I'm the one who'll die from using a drug one time. Those fears alone have kept me from doing any kind of illegal drugs. Besides, steroids give women facial hair, deep (or deeper voices), acne, and who knows what the hell else. No thanks. Winning an amateur bike race isn't worth the risks associated with taking male hormones.


At 7/21/05, 10:23 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I understand he's been battling back problems (and intense pain) which at one point even forced him to abandon pro surfing. Somewhere I found an interview where he mentions this and it could be the reason why his ounishment has been somewaht lenient


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