07 July 2005

Contest, Scmontest

So, it's like this. CYT wanted to go back and surf the break where the contest is going to take place. I did not. I drove over and looked at it this morning. But, you know, I'm not all that worked up about the contest. I surfed the place yesterday and that was enough for me. I'm happy to simply deal with whatever Mother Nature sends my way on the day of the contest. Today, what I wanted more than anything else was to have fun. Worrying about some contest is not my idea of fun. I went to my home break. I was not at all happy when I looked at the water. As usual, all I needed was someone saying the magic words: "It's fun." I ran back to the car and suited up. It was fun!!! Much of the crew was there, but once again everyone was bunched up in one spot. Why do they do that? It makes no sense to me. I love these people, but not that much. I moved down a little, right between two of our guys on shortboards. The waves were good. Everyone got something. That's the kind of session I like best. I took the Tyler out today. I thought I might go back to the venue for the contest. I surfed the Slick there yesterday. I thought I might see how the Tyler handled those waves today. Obviously, I didn't do that. I am kind of at a loss as to which board to use on Saturday. Even though the Slick and the Tyler are only six inches apart in length, they are completely different boards. This is something my husband doesn't understand. One is a big-assed log with tons of glass and very little rocker. The other, while still being a single fin, is so light that I could probably ding it just by staring at it too long. CYT's 9'0" Becker thruster is much heavier than my Slick single fin of the same length. I think either board would work with this wave. My indecision relates to me not knowing what I do best on each board. I surfed the Tyler like a champ today. I now recognize that when you surf on a log, it's all about distributing your body weight in the right places. Someone told me today that I was doing big, sweeping bottom turns. I've been doing bottom turns for awhile, but I don't think they were ever big or sweeping. My husband says I should take both boards. I don't know. I can't see taking two boards, a toddler, a husband, gear, and food to the beach without being completely overwhelmed. Again, it's not like I think I'm going to go out there and win, so I don't believe my choice of board is all that crucial. Right now, I'm leaning toward the Slick. It's lighter and I'm able to maneuver it more quickly on a wave. Any suggestions?


At 7/8/05, 10:16 AM, Blogger gracefullee said...

I personally think you do what you're comfortable with. I don't tend to go back and forth between boards as rapidly -- partly because I fall in love with the board I'm currently riding and surf it in all conditions to see what it can do.

I think you can take both boards and see what the conditions are. You might also want to ride the Slick in the morning when it's low tide and steeper/faster and then move to the Tyler when you get past the first heats (which you will :) and the tide fills in.

What time are you going? I'm not sure I'm going to be able to watch, but if so, I want to cheer you guys on!

At 7/8/05, 12:14 PM, Blogger crustyripper said...

Take whatever board you pulled the cheater 5 on. You'll be so pumped up about being in a contest and everyone watching you'll surely do it again. And when you do you'll advance. My prediction is that your alter-ego biking competitor self will come out when you put on that jersey and the horn blows on your first heat! Looking forward to seeing you next year in Longboard Magazine as the new up and comer at Malibu.

At 7/8/05, 2:09 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

yeah right

At 7/8/05, 2:33 PM, Blogger Surfsister said...

Anonymous, you took the words right out of my mouth! I'll be the one whose caption reads: "You won't believe how often this woman pearls!"

At 7/8/05, 7:56 PM, Anonymous surfnart said...

Hey SS, any idea what time your heat is?

At 7/8/05, 8:21 PM, Blogger Surfsister said...

I have no idea what time anything is. The organizers have not provided any information other than the location and the start time.


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