26 June 2005

Anyone Want to Help Me Steal a Board?

No surfing this weekend. I decided to take a spin on the bike yesterday and do nothing (exercise-wise) today. Where did I ride yesterday? To the beach and back, of course. I didn't feel like riding with my neighborhood group. This CP Time thing starts to get to you after awhile. (If you don't know what CP Time is, ask a black person.) So I rode to the home break to see if the swell had hit yet. Saw the crew. Ran my mouth. Then decided to head back home. That's when I saw a part-time member of the crew in the parking lot. I hadn't seen him in ages. In fact, he's only at the break periodically, which is why I call him a part-timer. Some time ago, this guy decided he had to have a Tyler. And not just any Tyler, mind you. Rumor has it that he custom-ordered it and then gave Tyler free reign in terms of the board's appearance. The word used most to describe it was and is "sick". Well, it was months ago that I'd heard about this board and its color scheme. So I saw our part-timer yesterday, saw two boards on top of his car, and immediately asked about the Tyler (thinking it was in one of the board bags). To make a long story short, this guy told me the board is so nice he doesn't want to put it in the water, let alone put wax on it. What the f#@k? Are you out of your mind? No, I didn't say any of these things. I did think them. I don't care how gorgeous a board is. A surfboard is supposed to be in the water. Tyler's boards are works of art because of how they surf. That board was meant to be surfed. If the part-timer's not going to surf it, I will. I'm thinking it's time to do a home invasion robbery. I'll let him keep all of his other toys. The only thing I want is that Tyler. Apparently, he told Tyler of his reservations about getting the board wet. I could not tell if Tyler's response was one of displeasure or one of resignation (since Tyler thought this is what might happen). Nonetheless, I want to see the board. My plan is to get a picture of it to post on the blog as that may be the only time anyone ever sees the board.


At 6/27/05, 9:48 AM, Blogger gracefullee said...

You're a black person. What's CP Time? I'm so curious!

Also, email me and tell me who this person with the unsurfed Tyler is. We'll come up with a daring and cunning plan to relieve the board of its nancy-boy owner.

At 6/27/05, 2:25 PM, Anonymous tony said...

I am sure you already know this, but just in case: The movie "Single Fin: Yellow" is about a Tyler Surfboard passed on to several famous surfers. I just saw it last night and wanted to make sure that you knew.

At 6/27/05, 5:16 PM, Blogger Surfsister said...

That movie is the reason I own a Tyler now. I saw it and instinctively knew I was meant to be on a single fin log. Now I've got a Tyler and two other single fins. So, yes, I know of the movie.


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