01 July 2005

I Need a Longer Board

The log I have can't even get me into those little waves we're now seeing. I don't even mind that, really. I'm happy to spend the flat days sitting on the board and enjoying the fruits of Mother Nature's labor. Today's session taught me something: Mother Nature goes on vacation, obviously allowing the weather to do whatever it damn well pleases. Isn't it July, not June? Well, why do we still have June gloom? Why is the water as cold as it was at the end of the winter? And I, with my stubborn self, refuse to bring that fullsuit back out. No!!! I just can't do it! Mind you, I'm going to freeze to death before the summer is over but that's neither here nor there.

On a lighter note, it's been a busy news day today. First, Supreme Court Justice O'Connor gave her notice. As a law school graduate, and a female one at that, I recognize her importance to this country's jurisprudence. This is a woman who graduated third in her class, but had to take a job as a legal secretary when no law firm would hire her (because she was a woman). I think her eventual appointment to the Supreme Court was the cosmos' way of giving the finger to all of those miscogynistic firms who wouldn't hire her as an attorney. Although I often disagreed with her take on American society, I've got to give her her props. I also heard on the radio today that Luther Vandross died. The man had a beautiful voice and a great style . . . and there's not one song of his that I like. What's up with that? It's worth wondering about since I think I'm the only black person of my generation (yes, I'm exaggerating but not by much) who didn't like his music. I've heard all kinds of people call in to radio stations today to talk about Luther's significance in their lives. I have but this to say: am I the only black person whose child wasn't conceived while a Luther record was playing?

Peace out!


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