08 August 2005

Back on the Bike

I wanted to get wet. I even went so far as to put on my swimsuit as soon as I got up this morning, thinking I'd be going on a search for surf after dropping off the little man at daycare. Once back, I checked every surf report I could find. Finally, having given up all hope of finding something worth surfing, I changed clothes and headed out on the bike. For once, I didn't go to my home break. I headed for El Porto instead. See, my theory is always that even when it's flat everywhere else, there might be a little something at El Porto. Ocean: 1, Theory: 0. Man, was it tiny today. I'm not complaining though. These flat spells are a good reason for working on other parts of one's fitness. Instead of bemoaning the conditions, I've now decided to enjoy this, and allow my shoulders and back to take a break while my legs do some work. Hey, you do what you can to keep yourself motivated to workout. I keep telling myself that the workouts I do on the bike, rowing machine, or with weights all help me to be a better surfer. So when it's flat, I try to keep a good attitude and switch to something other than surfing.

I saw one of the owners of Rocker Board Shop when I was at El Porto. She was out on a Dewey Weber Feather Fastback. That's her in the picture I've linked to. Hey, if there are any of you, especially women, who want to get more fit for surfing, Rocker offers a surf conditioning class that's becoming quite popular. I think it's taught by the other owner. It's worth looking into if you want to improve your strength.

Rumor has it that a swell is coming this way on Wednesday. It's not a big one, but it's something. Everyone make a sacrifice to the surf gods. I think I'm going to sacrifice a bar of wax. What would you sacrifice?


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