04 November 2007


On Friday, Soul Grandmother #1 began talking about what she'd buy us for Christmas. We declined the offer of a new refrigerator (since ours, which appeared to be dying some time ago, is now fine.) She prefers, she says, to buy us practical gifts. One year, she gave Soul Brother #2 a stove for his birthday (because ours died). Can you tell I'm her only child and he's her only grandchild? Anyway, I just went onto Sierra Trading Post to see if they still had the Body Glove Vapor 3/2 wetsuit in my size. Not only did they still have it, but I could also get 20 percent off (for being a loyal customer). This meant the wetsuit would cost a whopping $172! (And I can vouch for this wetsuit since I'm currently surfing in the 4/3 version.) I immediately called Soul Grandmother #1 and asked if she'd buy me a wetsuit for Christmas. (I'd buy it myself, but I'm told I'm hard to shop for and she prefers that I locate the gift and that she pay for it.) Yes, this is the exact same wetsuit I had in my hot little hands months ago and sent back. Well, they'll be sending it back to me . . . at a lower price. And Soul Grandmother #1 doesn't mind buying a non-practical gift as long as I help her find a gift for Soul Brother #1. Score!


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