31 October 2007

I Need Candy . . .

to get rid of the bad taste in my mouth left by today's session. First, it was flat. Then, it was completely walled. There was no in-between. I pulled out of more waves than I rode. The waves I made were ridden straight toward the beach since there were no shoulders. I guess today's session was a trick and not a treat.

Wanna hear something truly scary? Our dog knocked Soul Brother #2's tooth out last night. Alright, it's not scary. Don't tell SB #2 that I actually found it somewhat humorous. For the last week or so, SB #2's played with a tooth that's barely hanging on. I don't even know how the thing is still in his mouth. The tooth next to it was also loose, but we knew it would be there for awhile. Well, we were wrong. The kid and the dog, who only weighs about 10 pounds, got to playing and lunging at each other. The next thing I knew, my boy leans down toward the dog just as the dog jumps up to lick him in the face. They met somewhere in the middle. SB #2 immediately grabbed his mouth. I could tell he was in pain. Soul Brother #1 pointed to something white on the carpet. There was the tooth . . . the one that wasn't coming out any time soon. The other one still hangs on in there, sitting literally in the middle of his mouth in the space that was once occupied by two teeth. I know, that story sent shivers down your spine.



At 11/10/07, 6:16 PM, Blogger Jim said...

Ha-ha! Great story, he looks like he's tuff enuff to handle it. Cool punkin', too. Thanks for all the surf updates.


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