11 November 2005

What A Beautiful Day . . .

to have a cold. I know it's still flat out there and the water's probably filthy. Still, when the sun is out, I want to get wet! Damn it all to hell, I got the cold that's been passed from one person to another at my job. I thought I'd be immune since my little one often comes home from daycare with a runny nose. He's not the culprit this time. And I'm not feeling invincible enough (for a change) to take my chances in the water.

Five minutes later:

I shouldn't have looked at Uncle Grant's surf report. Now I want to get wet again.


Friday, November 11, 2005, 9:35 a.m.

Sorry for the ultra late report, but I've been surfing. I'm now gonna have some breakfast, coffee and newspaper, and paddle back out. It's not great or anything, just damn fun. Waist-high frequent sets that have lots and lots of room for long boards. Go for it if you can.

And if you do it right now, you'll get to surf to Donna Summer and the Bee Gees. The old couple picture above, every Friday I'm out, show up around 8 and blast 70's disco music towards the water as they do these funky exercise that are hard to explain. Kinda fun between sets sitting there listening to that stuff as the dolphins go buy.

How deep is YOUR love? (cause we're living in a world of fools)

Uncle Grant


At 11/11/05, 12:03 PM, Anonymous ria said...

I read Uncle Grant's report too and wasthisclose to loading up the board and going out. But with my allergies from last week's red tide still lingering it's better (and wiser) to stay out at least for another day. DAMMIT!


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