29 October 2005

Kind of Pathetic

So, I settled on the home break yesterday since I missed the crew, missed the waves there, missed the parking lot. I just wanted to be in a familiar place with familiar faces. In that respect, the session was great. The waves, however, were so uncooperative. We all caught something. It took me awhile to get into the rhythm of it all, but eventually I got my fill. Unfortunately, the rides weren't long enough to warrant me saying good things. Once again, it was paddle, pop-up, bottom turn, and then go straight to the shore. The shape of the waves was such that there was no way to find trim. Thus, we were all stuck with angling into the wave and then angling back toward the sand. The only one really getting any rides was Niles. He brought out his fish and he was coming as close as anyone to killing it. If nothing else, that made for a good session. I'm happy to see others in the crew surf well. I don't know that I'd seen Niles on a fish before. That man's got mad skills! As for the rest of us, there wasn't much going on. I think most of us gave it an hour and then got out. I think I gave it an hour and a half. I know some better waves are coming . . . some day. Next week, my schedule is such that I'll be able to surf for three straight days. I'll probably be back on the funboard then. I took the 9'0" out yesterday since it was supposed to be on the small side. With the shape those waves had, I would have been fine on the funboard. I need to spend more time on it and work my way down to the 7'0".

As if I'm not busy enough, I'm now giving serious thought to participating in NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month). Gracefullee mentioned it to me yesterday as I was suiting up. In fact, when she said she was going to do NaNoWriMo, I thought she was speaking in tongues. I've looked at the site and must admit that I'm intrigued. The only problem is our computer. Since fixing the hard drive, we subsequently endured a leak that was nice enough to occur right over our monitor. Much to our joy, the monitor dried out and is working. However, in an attempt to move the computer away from the leak, my husband broke the desk the computer sits on. At this moment, I'm typing on a keyboard that is no longer directly in front of the monitor. Nor is it situated inside the handy drawer with the built-in wrist rest. I think it might be a little difficult to write a novel under these conditions. The goal is to write 50,000 words between November 1 and November 30. I'd need a laptop for that kind of commitment. Right now, a laptop is not at the top of my list of needs. So we'll see about this NaNoWriMo thing. But everyone else should look into it. If nothing else, it's a good way to make yourself write.

By the way, Capote was astounding. I'd see it again.


At 10/31/05, 10:41 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You know you've been looking for an excuse to get a laptop.

At 11/1/05, 8:16 AM, Blogger Surfsister said...

LOL!!! True, so true!! But it's as good an excuse as any, isn't it? And I've already started working on my writing (which will be short stories). Now I've thrown down the gauntlet and I've challenged Jason (a.k.a. Pet Cobra) to also participate.

At 11/1/05, 11:35 AM, Anonymous Paul Richardson said...

Wah Wah Wah, you need to get into some real waves sistah. Lets see, I spent Saturday surfing with another highly melanized individual just south of Santa Cruz, it only took 1/2 hour to get out woohoo. Then on top of that it was 2X overhead. Normally I can feel comfortable enough not to worry about dying in this size of surf but this is early in the season and I haven't had enough days in the water (winter season wise). Caught a couple of waves, fast as hell, and then I misjudged how fast I was going when I tryed to cut back. My knees buckled and I fell. Oh well, that's what happens in large surf early in the the season. I am off to Hawaii to interview a few folks for the film this weekend, and then back on Sunday.

BTW, my daughter is howling about wanting to go surfing with daddy, she just doesn't want to get her face wet


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