16 October 2005

Wishful Thinking


Okay, now that I've had yet another not so impressive day at work, I want my old life back. Well, that's a lie. But I do miss the calming effect of surfing. I'm off Tuesday. I can't get in the water (unless I do a lot of begging and pleading for time to do an almost-Dawn Patrol session). I probably won't get wet until Friday. That's a long time to wait, dammit.

CYT called today to report on her session. It sounded like a good one. I'm much too tired to be jealous. I think I'm just glad that someone somewhere is getting good waves.


At 10/20/05, 9:56 AM, Blogger puttzle said...

Hope the job is still stoking you! Good luck in the surf tomorrow (Friday).


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