27 October 2005

Six Degrees of Separation

The new job is one which involves a great deal of chit chat with people. So far, I've met a couple who have a balsa wood wallhanger that was shaped by Hap Jacops. Jacobs gave it to them as a wedding present decades ago. Yesterday I talked to a man wearing a pair of cool Billabong corduroy shorts. I told him I surf and loved those shorts. As it turned out, his last name was August. When I asked if he was any relation to Robert August, his mouth fell open and he said, "You really do surf!" I've also met people who regularly surf at spots I frequent. It really is a small world. The couple I mentioned earlier said they could get Jacobs to make me a custom board for way under $1000. Of course, I've never seen them again, but I will. They did say they would tell Mr. Jacobs to come and see me. I won't hold my breath and I don't need any more boards, but if I can get Hap Jacobs to hook me up, why wouldn't I jump all over that?

I'm off today. Instead of surfing, I'm going to the movies. I never go to the movies . . . ever. The last thing I saw was The Incredibles. Today I'm going to see Capote. I'll surf tomorrow. I'll try not to forget my leash!


At 10/27/05, 12:03 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

That would be really something if you could. From what I hear he lives permanently in Hawaii and no longer shapes.

At 10/27/05, 2:30 PM, Blogger TedZSurfer said...

Ditto, I called Jacobs shop a few months ago with some questions about my board, and the guy taking over said Hap had just recently stopped shaping. I'm sure he still makes a few here and there so if you can get one, go for it.

At 10/28/05, 3:56 PM, Anonymous Patch said...

Matt Calvani shapes Bings and Haps boards. He's a master.


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