09 November 2005

We Ain't Goin' Out Like That

Now I'm going to be like Alan M and ask who sang that song. The first correct answer gets . . . nothing but my undying appreciation for his or her musical knowledge.

Yesterday would have been a good day to surf if
1. It hadn't been so flat
2. My husband hadn't been in a car accident on his way to work
3. We lived somewhere with a good swell on Tuesday, November 8.

I couldn't find a reason to paddle out. So I made my husband take a spin with me on the bikes. The best thing we saw at El Porto was a huge pod of dolphins that we watched for about 10 minutes. There were no noteworthy waves to speak of. On an automotive note, beware of catering trucks that dump water, or oil, or whatever it is they dump while driving down the freeway. The truck did it on the steep transition between the 105 Freeway and the 91 Freeway. My husband was behind the catering truck, unfortunately, and hydroplaned right into the wall. He was lucky he wasn't hurt. I can't say the same about the car. And speaking of catering trucks, don't forget that it was a catering truck that killed two cyclists on PCH. Why? The driver said he didn't want to stop (and not run them over) because someone in the back of the truck was cooking. Oh, so you'd rather kill two people who had the right to be on the road than act legally (i.e., by not cooking while the truck is moving and by not running over people that the California DMV says have a right to be on the road)?

There'll be no surfing today, not with this weather. I guess it's time to pull out the Indo Board.


At 11/9/05, 11:47 AM, Blogger Whiffleboy said...

So sorry to hear that, Sis.

At 11/9/05, 2:20 PM, Blogger TedZSurfer said...

he wasn't hurt, that's the important thing.

At 11/10/05, 5:11 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

That's Cypress Hill, S-sister. I wasn't "goin' out like that" yesterday either...especially b/c I was feeling pretty insane in the membrane. Unlike you, I'm still teaching and some of the little darlings were particularly trying yesterday. Report looks good for the weekend tho'.

Sorry to hear about your hubbie's wreck!

Miz E


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