15 May 2005

It's Not "Flat As a Pancake" Flat

Our break had some waves on both Saturday and Sunday. Yesterday's waves, while smaller, had much better shape. Today we were back to the closeout conditons we all know and love. And where did all of these people come from? Fair weather surfers!!! It starts to get a little warm and they all make a mad scramble to the beach with boards that haven't been wet for months. (Oh my god!!! I sound like a local who's been surfing for decades!) Once again, the Tyler put in work. The board didn't let me down. However, my shoulders are on fire. I think it's time to stop lifting weights or at least stop lifting weights for my shoulders. You would think the winter waves would be more taxing on me physically, but it's the summer waves, the tiny little summer waves you have to paddle your ass off to catch. I don't paddle this much in the winter. Usually, when the winter waves come, you paddle hard enough to keep up with the wave and then pop-up. Now, with these little waves, you have to keep paddling until the wave generates enough steam to carry you away. That's tiring!!! I know I caught more waves than just about everyone else out there so I was pleased with myself by the time I got out. But I'm sore now. If these are the waves I'll be seeing for the next few months, then it's time to change my dry land workouts.

Got a call from Con Surfboards yesterday. It's ready! No, I haven't told my husband about this board. Let the next round of board hiding begin!!!!


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