03 May 2005

This is a Quickie

Morning session. Sunset. Few people out. Felt very much unlike myself. Surfing felt effortless and free. (I'm serious.) Smiled a great deal. Caught at least eight waves. Stayed in for an hour. Went home with a surfer's high. Taught. Grocery shopped. Took child to the park. Then went to dinner. Met Chuck D of Public Enemy (!!!!!!). Now I'm spent. Won't write in complete sentences. Still have to plan for tomorrow's lecture. The end.


At 5/4/05, 4:01 AM, Anonymous ria said...

I'm reading this as I'm on travel for the week in DC -- days are a lot of meetings in suits -- and the picture and your post from last night just made me miss our home break and surfing so much. I'm looking forward to shedding this suit and putting on my wetsuit. (the only kind of "suit" I'm ever happy to be in)

At 5/4/05, 3:17 PM, Blogger RuggerJay said...

Chuck D! Best voice of ANY rapper EVER.

At 5/4/05, 3:37 PM, Blogger puttzle said...

Life is good, No?


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