10 June 2011

These Are My Kings of Comedy

These two always made me laugh out loud. I remember listening to "Earache My Eye" on KMET in the mornings as I got ready for school. I loved Cheech & Chong. (I loved KMET too!) For some reason, this song popped into my head of late. Soul Brother #2 and I just watched the video three times, both of us laughing happily. On the third go-round, I stopped the video to explain the reference to actors wearing brown contacts to appear Latino. I still remember the uproar from the Latino community when Robby Benson was cast as the lead in a movie about Chicano gangs.

Cheech & Chong were one of the few things I enjoyed about growing up in the 70's. Okay, I will admit I also loved Vans and OP shorts. And KMET. And KDAY. And playing AYSO soccer. And G&S Fibreflex skateboards. Still, Cheech & Chong, in my mind, were one of the best things about the 70's. This video will show you why that is.


At 6/11/11, 7:18 AM, Blogger P.O.P. Surfer said...

Go to night school, take spanish, and get a B...that was my favorite. I still sing that.

At 6/11/11, 8:44 AM, Blogger Alan_M said...

Go to night school, take Spanish and get a "B"... one of my all time favorites lyrics!

At 6/11/11, 3:36 PM, Blogger Surfsister said...

I crack up when he talks about it being a protest song. Classic!! LOL!!

At 6/14/11, 6:51 PM, Anonymous Val said...

Personally, I think the late 70's were actually the PINNACLE of our civilization. (Roughly the time that Ford and Carter were in the White House.) Most groups of people had finally attained more rights by then, and the ugly backlash hadn't started yet. We've been on the downside of that slope ever since the Reagan years made reactionary politics and corporate greed somehow "acceptable". Plus, 80's neon? Big hair? Shoulder pads? Polka dots? YUCK!

My good friend Pilar thinks I'm being facetious - after all, the late 70's WERE the disco era! But I'm serious. In that brief window between the end of the Vietnam war and the first cases of AIDS, life seemed pretty good for most of us. Or maybe it's just that I just have fond memories of those years: working at Universal Amphitheater, UCI dorm life, turning 21, coming out... and the start of my passion for riding waves, via the humble early rainbow-striped Morey Boogie 136 BE and green Churchill fins!

At 7/1/11, 3:59 PM, Blogger Telua said...

I have been following your post ever since I have been interested in learning to surf. I enjoy your writing and take vicarious pleasure in your ventures. Just wanted to let you know.

At 7/1/11, 4:20 PM, Blogger Surfsister said...

Thank you, Telua. It's time for you to learn how to surf, girl. Then you can blog about it and I can follow your blog, Raw Sister!


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