16 May 2011

How I Roll

TG bonzer speed egg. 4th Gear Flyer mat. Viper fins.

And a pink leash.


At 5/17/11, 5:51 AM, Blogger pabs said...

Nice setup...aren't ya worried someone will take one of your items that be left on the beach, or have you figured out how bring them all wit ya into the liquid playground? Thanks for the b-day wishes...hope you've been getting some stoke down in SOCAL too. :-)

At 5/17/11, 5:54 AM, Blogger Surfsister said...

I started out on the board. I was able to leave it there because my spouse was on the sand (with his camera) when I ran to the car to get the mat. When I'm alone, I don't leave anything on the beach. I am not a trusting soul.

My stoke was just obliterated when I woke up to rain this morning! Bleh!

At 5/17/11, 10:20 AM, Blogger pabs said...

Rain...smain. Well, at least up in NORCAL it's not a deterrent because no filthy human crap floating out to sea...unlike what you'all SOCAL surfers have to endure.

Yeah...I never leave my board un-attended. I got post-traumatic issues regarding this when I had a broken in half, but repaired beat-up board stolen from the back of my parked truck in Westwood, while I was visiting the UCLA Dorms Office for 10 min. Needless to say, I was PISSED!

Why doesn't your spouse surf? I guess it would be better for you if they did not...seeing that you have your own "surf caddy/personal photographer". :-)

At 5/17/11, 4:23 PM, Blogger Surfsister said...

My spouse cannot swim, therefore he has no interest in the water.

As for leaving my board unattended, it's rare that I do that. If my board is on top of the car and I have to stop somewhere, there are two scenarios.
1. In a white neighborhood, I always take the board down and shove it in the car . . . even if I'll only be inside for 10 minutes.
2. If I'm in a black neighborhood, I just leave it on the car.

White people surf. Therefore, an unattended board is not safe in a white neighborhood. Black folks, for the most part, don't surf. An unattended board will not be touched. The lesson for the day: if you've been surfing and you have business to attend to after the session, attend to that business in a black neighborhood. Your board will be totally safe! LOL!

At 5/19/11, 7:18 AM, Blogger LESider said...

Bonzer egg was my weapon of choice before the mat came into my life. Sitting at home waiting for the mail man right now for a new mat from Dale!


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