08 May 2011

Happy Mother's Day, Sweetie!!


Wasn't she fierce? Talk about style!! When I was a kid, I had to endure men practically prostrating themselves at my mother's feet. I'm totally serious. When we'd walk down the street, heads would turn, compliments were spoken, mouths would be agape. It was constant. She could, and did, turn some heads. I remember often standing next to her and rolling my eyes as yet another man would stop us to tell her how beautiful she was. I laugh about it now, but I wasn't laughing then. I remember once telling some man to let go of my mother's hand or I was going to tell my father. I think my mom was happily shocked to hear me say that (if only because I was terribly shy as a child, probably damn near mute).

My mom is 80 now, and proud of it. She always says she never expected to live this long. She's made it clear that she's shooting for 100. That's just fine by me. Our relationship is so unlike that of most mothers and daughters. We actually like spending time together even though my tendencies—to eschew careers, to get inked, to wear non-traditional hairstyles—drive her to distraction. She's the best mom I could ever have. I knew she completely understood her one and only child when she said, ever so long ago, "Mary doesn't just march to the beat of a different drummer. She marches to the beat of a drummer that no one else hears." That is probably the best description I've ever heard about myself.

Happy Mother's Day, Mom!! Thank you for being such a wonderful role model in both life and in motherhood.


At 5/8/11, 3:52 AM, Blogger MF said...

Really nice. Yes, it's an interesting relationship - mother and daughter. My mum is similarly bemused that she ended up with a tomboy daughter who also likes tattoos! I wouldn't blame her for thinking she got the wrong baby from the hospital. But like you, my mum and I really get on well.

Hope you got some nice 'stuff' from your own kid(s). I don't have any, which makes it simple.

At 5/8/11, 8:10 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Keep marching Mary.

At 5/8/11, 8:20 AM, Blogger harmless neighborhood eccentric said...

very very nice m. happy mother's day to you!

At 5/8/11, 11:10 AM, Blogger Surfing Grandma of OC said...

I have so much to say here..
1st...was when I first saw this pix before I read was WOW that woman is stunning and so beautiful and what a cutey by her side..=)
2nd.. I am so glad you are who you are and your mom being who she is.. Helped that come about.
3rd..I never knew my mom so cherish this, I know you do..because I know you and your great heart..BUT still cherish it.. YOU are a very lucky person to have a mom and the relationship you do with her.
4th.. HAPPY MOTHERS DAY.. BIG hug from me to you.

At 5/8/11, 11:52 AM, Blogger Surfsister said...

Awww, Michelle (Surfing Grandma), I do cherish every moment with my mom, especially now that she's a bona fide senior citizen. What's ironic is that she was truly a stunning beauty . . . and never knew it. (That's a whole different story in itself that speaks to black folks and our preoccupation with color/skin tone.)

Michelle, you are a great mom. I'm sure your mom would be so proud of the woman you are. I know I'm proud to have you as a friend, one who I've yet to surf with!

Michelle (in Australia), you and I must meet at some point. I swear we are twins who were separated at birth—by a few years, race and geography. But other than those minor things, we must be twins.

Steiny, stay stylish and wonderful! I know you will. Tell your wife I said, "Happy Mother's Day!!"

Anonymous, I will always march to that drummer. I don't know any other way to be.

At 5/8/11, 12:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Awesome Mothers Day Post! Your mom looks very classy! Happy Mothers Day to you and for being yourself, which is rare these days!

At 5/8/11, 12:45 PM, Blogger Surfing Grandma of OC said...

Thanks Sweety.. you made me tear up here..AND yes we shall surf soon.

At 5/8/11, 1:54 PM, Blogger surfmama101 said...

what an emotional day... I should stop reading my favorite blogger moms because my tissue box is getting low ;)
I love your post + picture. Perfection blogging.
Have a great day!

At 5/8/11, 2:03 PM, Blogger Surfsister said...

I say we all get a matching surf moms tattoo—a big one!!!

What? Too much? LOL!

At 5/8/11, 5:43 PM, Blogger MF said...

I love the idea that I have a twin from a different cultural background. I resonate with so many of your attitudes and comments about life. It's quite bizarre, I love my family but I often feel more related to people who are not related to me. Would love to meet you one day.

At 5/8/11, 7:24 PM, Blogger Ramsnake said...

Right that's it then we are off to the US for a bloody mat meet then so as we can all meet so to speak if you know what I mean?

At 5/8/11, 9:20 PM, Blogger Surfsister said...

My mom has read this post several times now. I took my computer to her house this morning. Then, she reread the post this evening at my house.

She remembers that my dad bought that suit after trying to bribe her to lose weight. She said she made him buy that expensive suit as well as the shoes and the purse! LOL!! You go, Mom!! Way to not take one for the team. Now I'm wondering if my parents would laugh about that story now. Probably not (and my dad is no longer with us). But I still think it's funny as hell!


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