08 February 2008

Hard Drive Woes

Once again, the three of us worked our magic and apparently fried yet another hard drive on our home computer. Okay, we don't know that it's the hard drive, but we're getting kernel panics and the blinking question mark. In Mac-speak, this ain't good. Thankfully, I've got a laptop; it's now been brought up from the minors until we get the desktop computer looked at.

My latest CityZine article is about the California Coastal Commission's denial of the toll road extension. I didn't write much. My friends Craig Ferre and Mary Michel went to the hearing and came back with pictures. Their pictures said more than I could ever say.

I'm surfing behind the Orange Curtain tomorrow. I'd stopped going down there when the gas prices skyrocketed. Now that they're dropping back down, I'll make a trek down there to surf with friends.


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