02 February 2008


The hearing on the toll road is on Wednesday, February 6 at the Del Mar Fairgrounds at 9 a.m. My job as mom prevents me from going. Those of you who can go have to represent for the rest of us!

Today was much better than yesterday. I went to the home break and surfed the right board. The conditions could have been better. One can always say that. Still, I got one long(ish) left that satisfied my soul. The other rides were, well, rides. I don't remember them. I don't even remember the left. What I do recall was being happy to finally ride a long left and smiling as I paddled back out.

It was like "Old Home Week" at the home break. The crew was there in full effect. A few were missing, but almost everyone else was there. Of course, one of the people who was missing won't be paddling back out again. I miss him already.


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