29 January 2008

Stolen From Oceans Waves Beaches

I recognize that we surfers don't walk in lockstep on every issue. Some of you, those who are keeping quietly out of the fray that is the 241 toll road debate, apparently believe that no harm can come from extending the toll road. It's all so very abstract when everyone is simply talking about it. Well, the Oceans Waves Beaches blog shows the horror that the extension will bring. I couldn't help but steal some of the pictures.

This isn't a joke. There's no going back if this toll road is extended. Instead of making room for more people and more cars, why can't our state government come up better solutions to our overpopulation problem? That's what all of this is about, isn't it? My parting shot? Oh, it's a good one relating to Arnold. AT LEAST I'M COMFORTABLE IN THE KNOWLEDGE THAT I DIDN'T VOTE FOR HIM.


At 1/29/08, 4:20 PM, Blogger Overhead Movies said...

Those images are horrific. What a potential waste.


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