09 June 2007

"This is Just Stupid"

Once again, I uttered those infamous words while sitting in the lineup. The only saving grace for this session was the company I was keeping. The waves? Wow. How can a place suck that badly for an hour and a half? From the beach, it looked like there was something out there. But once you paddled out, you realized why no one was catching anything. Those weren't waves; they were mirages. Horrible.

Thankfully, I smiled the entire time I was in the water. I was out there with Jeffery and my boys from work. Jeffery is always a hoot. I had to paddle away from him to keep from laughing so much I'd miss waves. Of course, there weren't any waves to catch anyway. I think I got up three times. I woke up at 5:30 for that? Let's hope tomorrow is better.


At 6/11/07, 2:51 PM, Blogger Jeffery said...

Hey Sis,

The surf was really crappy but the company was great! Thanks so much.


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