03 June 2007

Overdraft Protection

It's too bad it's only for bank about accounts. I dug deep into my fitness account today. The swell and the break finally agreed to disagree. The result? Even the big ones had shape!! It was on! I was there at 6 but sat in the car for awhile in order to see how the break was handling the low tide. I wasn't in the car for long. I was seeing more good than bad out there. Since I know this break well, I wasn't worried about the low tide and the rocks.

Physically, it was a day when I dug deep, so deep that by the time I got out I my figurative fitness account was overdrawn. I'd left everything out in the water. It was worth it though. The closeouts of Saturday were pretty much gone. I was out for about an hour and a half. There was one magical hour when the waves held their shape . . . even the big ones. At one point, I was sitting way outside talking to a guy who said all he wanted was the big ones. I was thinking that's not what I wanted. Then I realized that's what I was going to get since I was sitting there with him. And I didn't wimp out. When they came, I jumped on them. So much for whatever fears I had of the bigger waves. There was a good vibe in the water. I felt no hesitation about letting the people around me know that I would be going left whenever possible. (I still can't figure out why people at a right point break can't see the lefts that pop up. They are there. They're not hard to spot. There's no rule that says you must go right on every wave.) I got my lefts. I got my rights. I got long rides. I got short rides. All in all, it was a great session. I surfed as hard as I could without pushing myself into a complete bonk. Yes, my fitness account was overdrawn, but that was done intentionally. One thing I learned from racing bikes is sometimes it's necessary to push yourself to the edge in an effort to increase your fitness. You push hard, rest hard and then start building back up toward harder workouts. Tomorrow, I go back to lifting and swimming on the same day. The only change I'm making is I'm elminating most of the upper body stuff in the weight room. I don't need it now that I'm swimming.


At 6/5/07, 11:40 AM, Blogger Paula the Surf Mom said...

I've been going to PT twice a week for my knee and working out to 'Gabby Reese work out DVD's' to make up for not surfing.

At 6/5/07, 2:48 PM, Blogger Sharkbait said...

I love how, on days when my local surfbreak is flat and disappointing, I can just take a blog break and find a place that's firing! There's always stoke somewhere! Thanks for getting out there, and bringing some back. :-)


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