27 May 2007


Once again, I'm ready to give someone (namely, a few surf reporters) a swift kick. Once again, I headed out at dawn in search of this swell. Once again, I was disappointed. I did surf. It was one of those days when the rides are short. Then you get caught inside and get worked. That happened more than once to more than one of us today. It was a good day to pay your dues to Mother Nature. I think my account is straight for now. I've paid in full. Can I just get some decent surf, please?


At 5/29/07, 11:19 AM, Blogger Paula the Surf Mom said...

Hey it's not easy being a surf condition reporter... that is why I let my dog write mine now, if he gets it wrong then I just tell my readers when they bitch "hey he is a dog. What do you expect?'


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