22 June 2007

Still Employed

But I was called into a closed door meeting with the bosses. No, I did not bite my tongue. I listened. They listened. I got told about myself. They really got told about themselves. The end. They don't want to lose me. (I didn't tell them that they'll need to work harder to keep me. Let them figure it out.)

On a lighter note, the glasses I ordered for my Doo Dah Surf costume arrived today. I've now got at least 95% of my costume. Whether I can surf in it is another story. That's half the fun! I found a blurry picture of me from last year. I was on my log, thinking I needed all the help I could get and that it would be hard to surf in my costume. It wasn't hard at all. This year's costume will pose a little challenge. However, I plan to use my shorter longboard this year since it's easier to carry around. If you live in the L.A. area, the Doo Dah Surf is something you'll want to see.


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