26 June 2007

The Culling of the Quiver

Thanks to some idiot at the office of Soul Brother #1's surgeon, we are now a one paycheck family. His disability checks were summarily cut off because someone put the wrong date on the form the doctor sends to EDD. The doctor estimates that he will be able to return to work in August. The dumb ass in his office wrote June . . . instead of August! As you can probably tell from a recent blog entry, I'm not making enough money support a family. I thought long and hard before resorting to Craigslist. I sold a board to which I was not attached. It was gone within 24 hours of the ad being posted. I may put another board up for sale. But that's it. I love the remaining boards, two of which were custom made for me while one of them is simply a magic off-the-shelf board. Don't cry for me, Argentina. The sold board will eventually be replaced. What's more important for now is that we can put food on the table, keep the lights on and just plain survive.


At 6/27/07, 12:43 PM, Blogger Paula the Surf Mom said...

ewwww bummer.... I hope thing get back to normal soon.

At 6/27/07, 3:59 PM, Anonymous clayfin said...

that sucks. are they going to re-submit a corrected form?

At 6/28/07, 10:01 AM, Blogger Alan_M said...

I'm very sorry for your loss. My condolences.

At 6/29/07, 10:31 AM, Blogger gracefullee said...

What the...? I hope the office is going to correct that mistake!!!


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