26 November 2006

Sunday Morning

Oh, I want to go. You know I do. I want to run out of this house, yelling good-bye to my two (oh, three—I forgot about the dog) men, and head down to the beach. I want to . . . but I won't. It's time for the family to kick it at home. I got three straight days of surf. It was almost like being on vacation. Of course, I've never taken a surf vacation so I really don't know what a vacation related to surfing entails. I'll stay home today, wash the dreads, and lift weights.

Yesterday, the waves weren't great. I was nonetheless thrilled to be out in the water. Even when it's overcast, I can find something to be happy about. Once again, the water was glassy. I love the glass. When it's flat, I still love to sit on the board out in the middle of all that glass. The glass was one thing. The dolphins were another. They were everywhere! A few of them even treated us to a show that was better than anything you'll see at Sea World. (I know that some believe a good parent will take her kid to Sea World at the first chance. But why go there and watch dolphins that are essentially captives when you can wait for your kid to get a little bigger, have him paddle out with you, and sit on boards watching the dolphins play in their natural habitat? I spit on your Sea World!!) The waves left much to be desired. That's to be expected when a swell is dropping. I was at the home break though. I always enjoy myself there. I even saw Whiff on his Harley! Nice bike, Whiff. You didn't miss anything. It was way too small for Fugly.

I go back to that specialist on Friday. 11:30 apointment. Hmmm, go to work first? Surf first? Go to work first? Surf first? I think we all know which way I'm leaning! (Truthfully, I may go to work first and then take the rest of the day off. By then it will be too late to surf. We shall see though.)


At 11/26/06, 9:51 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think you should take the whole day off if the waves are good...

At 11/26/06, 10:06 AM, Blogger Surfsister said...

Paula, you've got the right attitude!!! I like the way you think, girl!!

At 11/26/06, 3:45 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey, thanks for not mentioning that I was working on the Harley in the parking lot there. :-)

In its own defence, it was something I did and not the bike itself!!!!


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