23 November 2006

The Perils of Infidelity

I know I promised, or at least thought, I would love, honor and obey. That was my intention. I swear it. But for the last few weeks, I strayed. I gave my love to another. And now I have to pay for my misdeeds. Soul Brother #1 says he wants full custody and expects me to pay alimony. What was I thinking?

What are you thinking? I'm just kidding about Soul Brother #1. However, I am guilty of cheating. I cheated on my 7'1" board. I said I'd ride it faithfully. Then I proceeded to court my longboard. I even had the nerve to flaunt my relationship with the longboard. No wonder my shorter board is mad at me. Or is it? Perhaps it's the guilt that got to me today. All I know is this board and I were at odds today. It's all my fault. I know I strayed. Now I'm paying for it. I just hope the board doesn't file for divorce. I do love it. I don't know why I felt the need to give my love to another. I guess I'm weak. Perhaps we should simply agree to an open relationship. Will that make things right? I wonder.

Today, I truly sucked. I couldn't get in synch with the shorter board. I paddled out full of doubt. I sat in the lineup thinking about my longboard. I couldn't pop up to save my life. (It didn't help that the waves were walls.) Fear took hold of me every time I saw a shortboard wave come at me. That last minute paddle and pop-up thing is unnerving. When I finally did get hold of myself and paddle like I meant it, I'd pop-up too far back on the board and get pitched. It wasn't pretty. But it's my fault. If I'm going to surf this board, I have to surf this board. Lesson learned.

P.S. I did see Whiff and his Fugly. That is a nice board!!! However, I refrained from drooling for fear that my board would pay me back the next time we surfed together.


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