10 November 2006

Gotta Love Those Doctor's Appointments

Apparently, I've got some medical issue going on that is confusing the hell out of my doctor. I've done this test and that test, only to have them show nothing. What happens next? You get referred to a specialist. Well, what's so good about the specialist? Nothing really, except his office gave me an 11 a.m. appointment. No, please!!! Not the 11 o'clock appointment! Anything but that!! Okay, fine. I'll go to your appointment, but please don't make me surf before I arrive!! That would ruin my entire day! Thanks to this appointment, I got a chance to surf before heading into work. What a nice way to start the day. The waves were crappy when I got to the beach. They were crappy throughout most of the session. Then, for whatever reason, they got good (or at least good enough). During this 20 minute window, I went from a wave count of 1 to a wave count of about 7. I only stayed in the water for an hour. I wanted to stay longer, but I was more than happy with what I got.


At 11/11/06, 2:52 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I went out today for the first time since July... I was beached because I was pregnant with twins.
I had my girls 10 days ago and my mom watched them so I could get out in the water.
I spent most of the time fighting the chop as it was pretty much a maytag day out here in the Outer Banks and I am really out of shape right now, but I did catch one wave and it was great... it will go down in my surf book as one of the best I ever caught.

At 11/11/06, 3:03 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I put this blog on my favorites list if you dont mind.

At 11/13/06, 11:37 AM, Blogger clayfin said...

The doctor called - you have cube-i-citis. A rare malady that is caused by toxic materials in office cubicles. She prescribes quitting your job and moving in under the pier.


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