20 November 2006

I Need to Win the Lottery

See, I thought if I threw that idea out there, perhaps karma would allow this wish to come true. Of course, it might help if I actually played the lottery. I don't and I won't. And yet, I still hope to win.

Sunday's session at the home break was nowhere near as good as Saturday's session. That was to be expected. There were still some decent waves out there. Had I not surfed on Saturday, I probably would have raved about Sunday.

What I do remember is someone telling me that Bob now has 10 boards. Ten boards? How in the hell did Bob get 10 boards? See, Bob used to be our local bodyboarder. He was out there every day just like the rest of us were. He was, and is, part of the crew . . . except that he was on a bodyboard. For reasons I don't know, Bob decided to start surfing. That was less than a year ago. And this is why I was wondering how his quiver got so big! Well, I asked him if it was true that he had 10 boards. When he said yes, I made him explain himself. Bob said that when Clark Foam closed its doors, he went to a bunch of local shops and bought the best boards they had, thinking (like so many others) that it would soon be impossible to get a decent board at a decent price. Before I could ask ask how he could afford such purchases, he said something about a low interest credit card. Now I know why Bob has 10 boards.

Tyler's new shop is finally open. I went in today to get some wax. And what did I see there? A surfboard for $2000!!! WTF? Any thoughts I had about selling my Tyler are gone! I'll keep it even if I only surf it a few times a year.


At 11/21/06, 10:46 AM, Blogger gracefullee said...

The Bob Formerly Known as Sponge has TEN boards?! Geez.

At 11/21/06, 1:31 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

damn those Japanese driving up the trendy shaper prices!!!

At 11/22/06, 7:59 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

2000 dollars!!! girl I have had cars I didnt pay 2000 dollars for. I cant see paying out that kind of money, I am just too hard on my boards.

At 11/22/06, 11:37 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Same here. I consider my Merrick a "nice" board since I paid alot for it (in my opinion). One busted finbox, one fin gash and a hole later, I haven't even ridden it 8 times yet. :-)

At 11/26/06, 11:01 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

tyler doesn't sell in japan anymore. he's selling to the UK. it's the damn irish and brits :) his boards are 2k plus now. but can you blame him? with custom board imports on the rise and the rise in popularity of alternative materials, he's making the right move into the tiffany and company category. local shapers who have no way to differentiate themselves from chinese imports are going to have to work for pennies to compete with lower chinese labor costs. the so cal board industry is going to change drastically in the coming years.


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