17 November 2005

Too Good to be True

Oh yeah. That's how I felt after yesterday's pre-work session. The sun was out. The crowd was light. The waves were small and playful (thus allowing me to once again go leashless). I surfed for a good hour and a half, pretty much catching waves at will and taking them all the way in because . . . well . . . because I could. I had more fun than a person should have before going to work. This was my first pre-work, rinse-off-in-the-parking-lot-with-hot-water-I-brought session. The surfing was great. Having to go to work was not. I don't know that I can successfully pull off a day of surfing and work. By the time I got to work yesterday, I was in the throes of a surfer's high. I didn't want to do jack and didn't care. That's not good for my paycheck. I lacked the will to sell. Luckily, I got myself together before the day ended and easily met my sales goal for the day. But I don't know that I can do that every time I surf before work. So now I'm wondering if I should refrain from surfing before work. Okay, I'm not that worried about it. When the next opportunity to do a pre-work session arises, I'll jump on it. Who am I trying to fool?

During the session, I switched boards with this guy who was on a 10 foot board. Gracefullee is constantly talking about going to a longer board. I'd never surfed anything longer than my Tyler. This guy out there yesterday was catching everything. I wanted to try his board. I asked if we could switch. No, I didn't know him. But I will often ask strangers to let me try their boards. So we switched. The first thing out of his mouth was what I hear from everyone, "How do you get your wax to look like this?" After pearling on my first wave, I finally caught something on his board. I loved it! I can't say that I want a board that long, but I could see why he was catching everything. The board was big AND fast. I don't think I want to move up to a ten-o. I'm glad I finally tried one. Another guy offered to let me try his Kane Garden fish. I thought about it and then declined. It was short! I didn't think my feet would ever find the deck of that thing. I'll see him again though. I told him I'd look for him and then switch the next time I was out.


At 11/17/05, 12:09 PM, Blogger gracefullee said...

You are a Waxy Rock Star now! Sister -- famous for the perfect beads of wax on her boards.

Did you happen to get the name on the 10'0" board? (I continue with my research.)

At 11/17/05, 2:41 PM, Blogger TedZSurfer said...

You surfed with Perry Farrel??? That is so cool - did you ask him which was better, the mountain or the sea?

This makes me wonder, will whiff ever tell us what band he was in that had a video on MTV?? Inquiring minds want to know.

At 11/17/05, 6:55 PM, Anonymous daddio said...

I think your wax jobs look great. I asked you how you did it last year, but I still can't get it to look like yours.Thanks.

At 11/17/05, 9:29 PM, Blogger Surfsister said...

Perry was on a Stewart (a Stewart with a horrible wax job, I might add). I'm not sure which model it was. I see him walking around at the home break all the time. I guess I can ask him about the board if I see him there or when and if I see him in the water again.

Ted, you're making reference to two of my favorite Jane's Addiction songs. Perry has great energy when you see him in person. He's very calm and seems to be rather down-to-earth. If I see him again and I've got my Tyler, I'll switch with him so I can see how he likes the Tyler.

At 11/18/05, 9:27 AM, Blogger Whiffleboy said...

Eh...you wouldn't remember by band, trust me. In fact, there's a 95% chance you've never even heard of it. If you blinked at the wrong time, you would've missed it's MTV presence.

So Perry surf's the homebreak??? That's effing cool!

At 11/18/05, 5:43 PM, Blogger Surfsister said...

No, he doesn't surf the home break. I've seen him walking around on the shore there. I was at another break when I saw him in the water.

At 11/21/05, 5:03 PM, Blogger Alan_M said...

How did he surf?

At 11/22/05, 6:40 AM, Blogger Surfsister said...

He's a good surfer. I detected no kookiness in his surfing.


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