15 November 2005

Surprised Myself

Now that I work in the South Bay, I'm close to the surf shop which causes me the most angst—Just Longboards. It's a place I find it hard to visit without wanting to take something home. I ran down there during my lunch hour, thinking I'd find something to drool over. For the second time now, I've gone there and seen nothing I wanted. I think I only stayed for about 15 minutes. None of the boards begged to come home with me. I felt no compunction to fondle any rails. What's wrong with me? Once again, I've got proof that my quiver is a good one. I'm happy with the longboards that live at my house. And now that I've had a taste of speed and maneuverability, I'm excited about getting on my 7'0". The one thing I did learn at the shop is that Chris Slick is moving back to Hawaii so his boards won't be available for much longer. I consider myself fortunate to own one of his boards. I just wish I could afford to have him make me a custom made board before he leaves.


At 11/16/05, 7:56 PM, Blogger Bill said...

Sister....thanks for your recommendation last week on the Chris Slick. Got an NR-3 the next day and LOVE it....... noserides and has the kind performance characteristics...thx again !!

At 11/17/05, 7:56 AM, Blogger puttzle said...

Chris is moving to Hawaii?!? Do you know where?

At 11/17/05, 9:15 AM, Blogger Surfsister said...

I didn't hear where. I can ask around if you want me to. How are you, Puttz? I saw that you're back online. I've been waiting for you to update us (which I saw that you did when I went to your blog yesterday).


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