23 November 2005

Running on Empty

That's me. Today I was literally riding around on fumes (physically speaking). Although I've not had much time in the water of late, I have been working out. Two days ago, I rode my bike to work since we've only got one car for awhile. In order to avoid serious traffic, I took a circuitous route that involved heading to the beach, riding south, and then swinging back inland. So I rode 20 miles that morning. Then, for the next eight hours, I was on my feet. I didn't feel it yesterday. I did feel it today. CYT and I, as usual, headed out in a search for surf. This time, however, we were in separate cars. My running buddy (a.k.a. Mom) was with me (since Soul Brother #1 took her car to work). Well, we drove and we drove. Then we drove some more. All the way up to LPB. Nothing. We finally went back to Sunset. Still nothing. By then, I was done. I'd seen enough and I wasn't feeling Endless Summerish any longer. So, Mom and I hit up the S.M. Farmer's Market, CPK, and Barnes and Noble. CYT headed back to Malibu. She called later to say she got some good waves even though there was a long wait between sets. Frankly, I think I had more fun than she did. Tomorrow is another day and I will try to get out again. If I don't get a session in, my next chance will be Monday before work. I want to get wet. I've put a beautiful new wax job on the Slick. It needs to be christened already. Send me some good surf karma. I want to get wet tomorrow!


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