05 April 2005

Doesn't This Pool Have a Heater?

Man, it's cold out there! It's so odd to be in this beautiful weather and at the same time be shivering. Not only was it cold, but the waves had no juice. It was a strange day. We all did a lot of paddling for waves that simply disappeared (or didn't break at all). I didn't think it a noteworthy session. I did some walking today. In fact, I almost (ALMOST) pulled off a "cheater five". You know, the only thing holding me back now is me. I got all the way to the nose. My front foot was perhaps four inches away from the end of the board. But for some reason, I was afraid to commit to the tip. What's that about? I guess it's coming. I'm starting to walk the board without hesitation now. I don't do it on every wave. When I do it, I don't think much about it. It's obvious to me that it's becoming second nature. I suppose curling those toes over the nose will eventually become second nature too. Oh!! One of our crew just got a new red/orange Dewey Weber. Beautiful!!! For once, I didn't feel the need to run to the surf shop to drool at the boards. I have enough for now. I'll probably take the Chris Slick out (for the first time) on Thursday or Friday.


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