29 March 2005

It Might As Well Be Raining

Okay, that's not entirely true. At least the sun is out, right? But that's about all I can say for the weather with regard to surfing. On a normal surf day, I get up, take the dog out, get the kid up (once he's awake) and fed, pack the car for the day's workout, play with the kid and the dog, fill up my Bully's tank with hot water, drop the kid off at daycare, and then head to the beach before going to work. I don't live near the beach so I usually have my skates in the car, just in case the waves aren't cooperating. Even when I can't surf, I'm usually happy to simply be working out in the sun. Well, the wind ruins all of that. Not only is there no surf but I know from experience that the bike path at the beach is covered in sand. There's no point in even driving out there to check. I'll just stay home.


At 3/29/05, 10:57 AM, Anonymous Ria said...

You're right...we checked our break this morning at 6am and everything was f'd by the winds...


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