19 March 2005

I Give Up (on Myself)

Not only did I drive all the way down to Harbour Surfboards in Seal Beach, but I didn't come home empty-handed. No, I didn't buy a surfboard . . . yet. However, I did buy my child a wetsuit. Of course, I stripped him in the middle of the shop so that he could try it on. And, no, a toddler does not willingly shed his clothes and don a wetsuit. I had to coax him. See, right now, his life is all about The Incredibles. He says he's Mr. Incredible, I'm Elastigirl, and his dad is Frozone. So how did I get him in the wetsuit? Well, it wasn't easy. First, I had to ask Mr. Incredible to come out of the changing room. He loves their changing rooms for some reason. He played in one of them for a good 20 minutes while I looked at boards (all the while keeping my eyes on the door and on the little feet I could see beneath the door). When he wouldn't come out of the changing room, I went in and got him, telling him he had to try on a new "Super Suit" (which is what the superheroes in the movie wore). Somehow, the "Super Suit" angle worked. Then, of course, he didn't want to take the thing off. After two tries, we found a wetsuit that fit. No, it wasn't cheap. However, there are plenty of little kids in our crew. I'll simply pass the suit on once my little man outgrows it.

Again, I didn't come home with a board, but I went shopping for a back-up to the board I'm waiting for. If the shop doesn't come up with the board soon, I'm going to demand my money back. I gave them a downpayment. Then I find out that the order hadn't been verified by the salesperson. Thus, it didn't go through. Then I was told it would be two weeks before the board I wanted instead came in. I think it's been two weeks! I want my board! So if that board never materializes, I'll get a Harbour Spherical Revolver instead. I might even get it in a thruster! (I know, I know—perish the thought!)

In the meantime, I wait . . . and row . . . and lift . . . and watch surf DVDs . . . and drool over boards . . . and . . . (fill in the blank).


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