19 March 2005

The Waiting Game

I got shut out this week. I tried to surf on Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. Notice I said "tried". Either time was of the essence (meaning I didn't have the luxury of going to other spots) or the waves simply weren't cooperating. Now, it's raining. And so, I wait. I wait and I row. I wait and I lift weights. It's like I'm a rechargeable battery. When the surf is good and consistent, I'm steadily using up stored energy. But when there's no surf, I go into recharge mode (building strength and resting well). Now is the time to simply be patient and get stronger. It's supposed to rain all of next week apparently. This is somewhat distressing since I'd planned another small day trip on Friday. I was thinking of going south (back to San O to hang with Puttzle and his crew) while my friend was thinking of going north (up to Ventura, perhaps). It doesn't matter. I just want some good waves. I haven't seen or ridden any in awhile. Now that I've finally waxed the new board, it's time for a nice swell to hit and not close out the waves where I surf.


At 3/19/05, 12:54 PM, Blogger Alan_M said...

Hang on Sis, this bad weather can't last forever, I hope...


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