26 March 2005

New Baby!

All I wanted was a yellow one. I picked this one sight unseen. So when it finally arrived, I wasn't expecting to see this. I almost hate to put wax on it! My three year old couldn't help but say something about how sweet this thing looks. Yes, he actually used the word "sweet". No, he didn't!!! I'm kidding. He doesn't know any slang terms yet. He does like it though. I'm up to three boards now. I guess I finally have my quiver started. I'm almost embarrassed to admit I am looking at yet another board. I know, I know. Don't even go there with me. But, see, it's the one that got away, the one I posted a picture of either early this month or late last month. It's back on the chopping block again. And it's calling to me! (Sigh) Let's see if I can exercise restraint yet a second time.


At 3/26/05, 5:31 PM, Blogger Whiffleboy said...

Wow, you'll have fun on that one!

At 3/26/05, 6:18 PM, Anonymous Daddio said...

It's almost to pretty to use, have fun!

At 3/26/05, 7:02 PM, Blogger RuggerJay said...

That. Is. Siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiick.

At 3/27/05, 9:26 PM, Blogger beachgirl said...



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