01 April 2005

Yo Mama So Flat . . .

that she makes your home break look like Mavericks! I know. That was stupid, but I was making a point. It's REALLY flat. And I still paddled out. The weather was so nice that I had to get in the water. I left my leash in the sand. There was no need for it (although I did have to go after the board a few times). I couldn't even see the bumps for which my friends were paddling. I sat there yelling, "Why are you paddling? There's nothing there!" I'd catch these little things that looked like they'd eventually grow up to be waves . . . in my dreams . . . only to find that they had no power. It was a day to play in the water. What I did today wasn't surfing. I'm glad my board left me a few times. The swimming was a good workout (what little of it I did). At least the swimming gave me something to do. I did some cross-stepping today. Why did I bother? The waves were so weak that walking the board was pointless. Oh well. Today's session was fine. It wasn't one to be taken too seriously. I was just glad to get wet and enjoy the sunshine (and the few butterflies that were obviously off-course). I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a swell this weekend.


At 4/1/05, 7:08 PM, Blogger puttzle said...

Got the surf itch have we? I've got my fingers crossed also.


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